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When you need help with a legal issue, it is a good idea to talk to someone who has experience with issues like yours, knowledge of the courts and the community, and the insight to find the best ways to resolve problems and bring you the best results.

I have been a lawyer for more than 40 years, and in that time I have worked in a wide variety of legal areas, representing individuals, businesses and local governments. I am successor to my former partners, my late sister Rita Merino Hager, and my father, R. Robert Merino. I have worked as a trial lawyer, a prosecutor and served as a Judge for 10 years before returning to private practice.

My office is in Niagara Falls, New York, and I help people throughout the surrounding area.

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Legal Help Tailored To Your Needs

I come from a family of lawyers, including the late Rita Merino Hager, who took over my law practice when I became a Judge. Today, as a retired Judge and private practice attorney, I help clients with a variety of legal issues, including personal injury, business formation, real estate, estate planning, probate, criminal defense and more.

When you are my client, I want to help you resolve your current issues and build the foundations for future success. I work with you to develop plans customized for your needs and goals, and then I work hard to put those plans into practice, whether through transactional matters, negotiation or arguing in court.

I want my services to be accessible to more people, and so I represent personal injury clients on a contingency basis, meaning I don't get paid until or unless they recover compensation.

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For professional help in a variety of legal areas, contact Robert P Merino Attorney today. Call 716-622-6284 or contact me by email.

I want my services to be accessible, and so I provide an initial consultation at no charge. Ask about other ways we can work out a payment plan.